Who we are?

Nothing's better than an Ice Cream on a hot day!
We met here in KonTum, saw the children, and immediately got addicted to their smiles, their eyes and all their positive energy. They own nothing of any material value, but enjoy every day and have so much appreciation for the little things in life, like ice cream.
After seeing their grateful faces, we immediately decided that Kon Tum is a place where we can make some real changes for the better.
Our plans are 100% non-profit-orientated and all donations will be used to realise projects.
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Our local contact
She grew up in Vinh Son 5, and she now spends her life and energy improving the orphanages so as to make them better for the kids. Her job is a hard one. She is always trying to get things fixed and built, organising and overseeing projects, stocking up on medicine and teaching English in Vinh Son 3 and 5. Beyond that she tried to answer all the questions we had during our first stay in Kon Tum, and has kept in contact with us, keeping us informed until we return to Vietnam..

The boy in her arms is A-Vê. He was found almost starved to death beside his dead mother who died during childbirth. The family wanted to bury him with his mother but he was saved in time.

Vietnam is the place to be
Came through KonTum during his travels and stayed the first time for only two days. He did what everybody was doing:  bought some candies and visited one of the orphanages in town. After seeing the rusted playground with its dangerous sharp edges, and the almost non-existent bathroom, he decided to make some changes.  Motivated, he came back a few weeks later and started these improvements.

"I've got some money, and to build a completely new bathroom here will cost only $4000! So why not just do it!"

Good heart
She was already volunteering with orphans in Nepal, is doing volunteer work at home on the weekends, sold her car to donate the money to flood victims and buys her orange juice exclusively from the small veggie store around the corner, she is always following her heart and wants to change the whole world. Here is the chance to change just a little part of the wide world, but a big part of those kids’ lives.

Be the change you want to see in the world


Stopover to save the world
You are driving with your motorbike through Vietnam searching for everything and nothing. You don't know where to stop and where to stay. Let the spot choose you! And so did KonTum. You randomly visit one orphanage. You meet this friendly guy who brings you to another one where you meet this guy called Adam painting some old rails, the kids catch your heart and all those big eyes, more or less, force you to stay!

"I think there are many places in the world that need help. But you can't be everywhere and I was meant to drive through KonTum."


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