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The Orphanages

Six orphanages are located in and around the town of Kon Tum. In total these orphanages care for almost eight hundred children. Most of these children come from the surrounding ethnic villages, often found after their families have abandoned them. The orphanages give the children a second chance at life, providing them with food, shelter, companionship and the valuable opportunity at an education.

The orphanages rely entirely on donations to operate, and the sporadic nature of this reliance means that living conditions can be Spartan:

  • The daily meals are lacking in protein and variation, often featuring just rice and vegetables
  • The kitchens are without stoves, meaning open fires have to be used to cook all the meals
  • Bathrooms in many of the orphanages are unsanitary and in dire need of repair
  • Children sometimes have to share beds because of overcrowding
  • Babys are sleeping on the floor without cots
  • There is no contingency money for medication beyond the basic supplies, so when a child gets sick a decision has to be made as to whether going to the doctors is an affordable option.
The orphanages are continuously in need of money to fund a great diversity of projects ranging from routine maintenance of the buildings to the construction of new toilet blocks, classrooms, kitchens, and smaller things like chicken coups.
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